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“How a Spoiled-Rotten Child Tries to Get Away with a Lie”: Can Facebook Ever Solve Its Truthiness Problem?

Last week, after what felt like months (or even years) of an increasingly chilling news narrative—after allegations of lying to Congress, data breaches, civil-rights abuses, hiring an opposition-research firm to smear George Soros, and pillaging millions of people’s personal data—Facebook decided to rebrand itself as a company that cares about users and privacy. What better place to do this, pray tell, than a family-friendly holiday market in New York City’s Bryant Park? There, amid the ice-skating classes and children drinking hot chocolate and elegant London plane trees, Facebook set up a booth filled with employees who could help answer questions about its privacy policies. Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions, said it was merely an opportunity to show just how much the company cares. “We care deeply, as deep as a company can care, about privacy,” she told Digiday. “It’s the foundation of our company, and we want people to know that we care.” December 2019

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