Disney reveals The Lion King character posters and Beyonce’s Nala is very stunning

Disney has released new posters for The Lion King, showing all of the main characters with credits to their voice actors in the posters and we can’t contain our excitement. The official Disney account got very busy today as it began sharing out some very stunning pictures of the characters. We even got to see Simba and Nala in both their young and adult version ahead of the film’s release. They tweeted 11 images with the caption: ’50 days. #TheLionKing.’ We really hope these 50 days fly by us, because we don’t know if we can wait for that long until we get to hear the rumble in the jungle. The posters came as Beyonce, who plays adult Nala, has been noticeably absent from The Lion King trailers so getting a closer look at what Nala looks like should appease the Beyhive. May 2019

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