To dye for: Wrangler’s new denim process eliminates water waste

Denim manufacturing doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to creating excessive levels of waste, but an innovative process spearheaded by the US jeans brand Wrangler may change that.

The company has partnered with Texas Tech University (TTU) and the Valencia-based fabric mill Tejidos Royo to create a foam-dyed, water-free process, eliminating the waste generated from the traditional dyeing processes.

To put this in perspective, the usual way to dye denim that traditional James Dean blue uses a repetitive dip-and-dry method to transfer indigo on to yarn. Multiple vats of water – up to 12, each containing thousands of litres of water – are used and then discarded. By the time they reach a shop, one pair of jeans can have used gallons of water. June 2019

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