Otedola, Chukwu and plight of national heroes

Mr. Femi Otedola’s graciousness to pay a whopping fifty thousand dollars for the medical treatment of national football hero Christian Chukwu abroad is a commendable act of generosity to a fellow man. In the face of other options to which he could apply his money and possibly earn material returns, the donor has opted for the moral choice to be his brother’s keeper. This is a good and worthwhile decision. Of course, there is another form of return that accrues to one who gives out of genuine concern for the plight of a fellow man. The spiritual significance of this gesture in most cultures are quite clear.

The lamentable condition of ‘Chairman’ Chukwu and the generosity of Otedola have thrown up salient issues about the value of national service to self and to the nation. The story is a salient lesson on how a working citizen should plan his life too against the vicissitudes of post-active life. The human-interest story is also about the responsibility of a country to its citizens in general, and its heroes in particular. It is also about the moral responsibility in society, of the haves toward the have-nots.

guardian.ng/11 June 2019

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