Fulani radio station, another gaffe

By its strange decision to establish a radio station with nationwide-and possibly beyond-coverage for the relatively small Fulani population to which, it must be noted Nigeria’s leader belongs, this administration has again put itself squarely in the centre of a most avoidable controversy, besides providing another ammunition to its detractors.

This is one distraction and detraction that neither the government nor the nation needs in the face of relevant and urgent matters yearning for attention at the moment.

Former Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, it was who revealed that the Federal Government had acquired a broadcast licence for an amplitude modulation (A.M.) radio station that would broadcast in Fulfulde language ‘to reach the very hard to reach segment of our target population.’ He justified this rather weird – and many would say suspect – step that it ‘will serve as a vehicle for social mobilisation and education…enhance our capacity to address crises between herders and farmers… nomadic schools …and teaching and learning resources.’ This is rather curious at a time like this.

guardian.ng/13 June 2019

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