African Fashion Designers on the rise: Mukwelle Sabina (Cameroon)

Since 2014 M.SabiD Fashion House has established a blend of fashion that has made a mark in Buea and Cameroon at large. Most interestingly, is that we are growing fast and breaking grounds in West Africa and going global. We thrive on a bespoke culture taking our roots from the African perspective with intent to reflect this on the international fashion scene. Our take is to make and continue to maintain clothes that are handmade taking details into serious considerations that is truely unique to just who you are.
We make the most of fabrics sourced widely with our client in mind to create fashion designs that meets a lifestyle with individual styles. In our creative culture, we would also take into consideration our clients concepts and make it better using our talent. Mukwelle Sabina, is a fashion designer and voted best young fashion designer in Cameroon 2018, also a Lawyer heads our Fashion House with an ever fashion conscious mind and talent.
Head Office: Molyko, Buea, Cameroon
Contact: + 237 673 534711 Email:
Social Media: Facebook: Sabina’s Fashion: Twitter: M.SabiD: Instagram: Mukwellesabina: Tumblr: hautecouturemsabi
Visit: www.

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